Memetic World

Project details

Developer: anon
Repo: private
Tools: next.js, React, TypeScript, Strapi CMS, PostgreSQL, emotion/styled components, themeUI
Link: https://memetic.world

Progress updates

9/5/2022, 2:00:31 AM
Moved client-sided "getRandomMemes" logic into the backend, now it properly fetches random items from the db, before it was fetching everything and then randomizing in the browser, which was too heavy. Updated all dependencies to the latest major versions (didn't do that for 2 years at least). Reduced the size of my VPS because I was paying too much for this. Fixed some visual bugs. Fixed wrong theme flashing up for a second when refreshing the page. Implemented true search instead of client-sided search. Many smaller improvements. The plan is to work on new features when I find the time. Please make suggestions.
7/20/2021, 12:00:11 AM
Around 5000 memes available and searchable