Project details

Developer: ghost
Tools: node, react, postgres
Link: https://ghostchan.net

Progress updates

5/3/2021, 6:00:16 PM
I rewrote the api/db to use prisma instead of my artisanal hand crafted sql queries and added sytnax highlighting for code blocks that work with regular markdown backticks. I've actually started adding new features now instead of rewriting stuff that already worked.
4/30/2021, 1:00:10 AM
started chipping away at it again after a long hiatus due to work, integrated react-query which reduced my custom data syncing hooks to a few lines of code, would recommend
2/10/2021, 5:00:04 PM
Holding page up. Have basic functionality working, still lots to do. Digressed a bit and built a strange visual tripcode system based on a dream I had. Back on track now.