Project details

Developer: wdg
Repo: https://github.com/persunde/wdg-pro
Tools: Nextjs, react, Go, typescript, SQLite
Link: https://wdg.one

Progress updates

2/13/2021, 5:00:07 PM
Crawler now ignores banned strings :)
2/13/2021, 4:00:03 PM
Projects are now ordered by date, so that the projects with the latest updated are shown on top.
2/9/2021, 2:00:06 PM
Removed bad entries from funny anons who posted non-project posts. Also merged in all the pull-requests from some kind anons who help out with the project.
2/6/2021, 4:00:05 PM
Fixed the bug where posts where cut-off midsection because 4chan adds <wbr> tags to the posts. Now the texts in the posts wont be cutt-off in the middle.
1/31/2021, 7:00:05 PM
updated frontend a bit, checking if minimal progress updates get picked up and displayed
1/31/2021, 12:41:05 AM
the scraper now runs every hour and the site is rebuild multiple times a day with a cronjob
1/24/2021, 5:51:46 PM
We have a working website :)